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SenseRobot is an AI interactive Chinese Chess robot for family entertainment, further expanding its “smart life” product offerings. The product has been certified by the Chinese Xiangqi Association. Through its cutting-edge AI technology and the leading industrial grade robotic arm technology.

SenseRobot has an appealing, simple, high-tech design and an appearance of a small astronaut. It offers players different playing modes including AI Chinese chess learning, endgame challenge, Chinese chess breakthrough and final challenge as well as multiple skill levels to choose from, starting with “basic" to explain Chinese chess to more than 100 endgame settings and 26 levels of matches.


SenseRobot is highly praised for its combination of advanced Chinese chess skills, ability to match players at different levels and human-like responses through AI deep learning and self-training. Its advanced AI features not only teach children to play Chinese chess, but also challenge the player’s strategic thinking while enjoying the fun of the game.

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