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SenseThunder E-mini

SenseThunder-E mini thermal camera is a temperature measurement product designed based on the thermal imaging technology. Powered by a high-precision uncooled vanadium oxide detector chip, this product provides users with a friendly and long-distance temperature measurement experience. Based on high-performance A.I hardware platform of SensePass and SenseTime’s latest deep learning A.I algorithm, SenseThunder-E mini thermal camera can ensure safe and efficient access with a recognition process does not need to remove the mask. It associates the temperature with user’s information automatically, thereby dispense with tedious manual registration. Besides, SenseThunder-E mini provides devices management for users in SenseLink Cloud Platform.


Pros of SenseThunder E-mini

1. Fast with a long screen range (≤ 1.2m) for shorter waiting times and queues

2. Accurate (±0.4℃)

3. Easy to set up (no black body required)

4. Detects > 10,000 points across the forehead to detect the highest temperature

5. Denies access when an individual has a fever or is not wearing a face mask

6. Hassle-free contact less detection; adapts to different heights (between 1.3m - 1.9m)


SenseStudio's dashboard

Real Time Data Transfer

1. Today's Statistics

2. Temperature/Mask Data Distribution

3. Warning (abnormal temperature)

4. Warning (no mask)

5. Events

6. Today's Footfall Analysis

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