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VA-AI Applications

Golden Wealth provides comprehensive VA-AI tech solutions, hardware installation to post-sale maintenance services. By implementing and applying VA-AI tech in various industry, we aim to create smart cities that enhance the quality of life.

SMART Security


24 x 7 Real Time monitoring

VA-AI tech can detect & alert in real-time monitoring for abnormal situation such as fighting, falling and fire


comprehensive Analysis

Accurately tracks the number of entering & exiting customers, aiding in customer relationship management


Accuracy & quick

Ensure the public security & safety 


Abnormal Situation

Including Fighting detection, fire detection, smoke detection, etc. 

people counting.jpg

PeoPle Management

Including overcrowd alert, queue detection, people counting, etc. 


vehicle recognition

Including types, colour, licenses recognition 



lost child.png.jpg

01 - institutions

Security challenges are intensified in institutions, necessitating advanced measures. Cutting-edge visual intelligence technology offers real-time monitoring, safeguarding public safety efficiently. From reuniting lost children with parents to optimizing crowd control, this innovation ensures a safer environment for all.


02 - Data insight

People counting accurately tallies the number of individuals crossing designated areas, facilitating customer relationship management. This technology enables the analysis of peak traffic periods and identification of key customer demographics.


03 - Infrastructure

Vehicle recognition technology can promptly suspicious activities notify and send relevant images to the appropriate departments, enabling accurate deployment of personnel and efficient handling of abnormal situations in the shortest possible time.

SMART access control



Accuracy rate over 99.9% and support both indoor and outdoor scenario



Access control, attendences, wage calculation, etc. are all included in one panel

management (1).png


Serveral jobs can be instead by VA-AI tech. Flexible deployment of cost, time and manpower for long turn business

SEnse pass series

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-13 at 4.48.36 PM.jpeg

SensePass 020

Sensepass X

Screen Size: from 5.5 - 8 inch

Usage Environment: Indoor

Single-touch, capacitive touchscreen

Screen Size: 8 inch

Usage Environment: Indoor & Outdoor

Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen

SensePass Pro_edited.jpg

SensePass pro

Screen Size: 8 inch

Usage Environment: Indoor

Multi-touch capacitive touchscreen

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-13 at 4.46.53 PM.jpeg



01 - HR management

Avatar Capacity over 20,000 facial profiles with 0.1 second processing time.

It provides fast and accurate management of real-time attendance records for large enterprises with multiple employees, thereby enhancing personnel administration convenience.

02 - Hygiene management

A Hong Kong leading academy has engaged our services to install over 10 smart access control system.

Implementing facial recognition technology helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized individuals entering the campus, ensuring the safety of students and faculty members.

IMG_0951  拷貝.jpg

03 - visitor management

One of the largest exhibition facilites in Hong Kong is another prominent example of implementation of smart access control.

VA-AI technology has been instrumental in facilitating the management of part-time staff while enhancing overall security measures, reducing the risk of security breaches.

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